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This is a simple realization of Collaborative Filter.
Nearest Neighbors are thouse users wich have in favorites the same books as in yours.
Recommended books are thouse books which your nearest neighbors have marked as favorites but you have not.
To get relevant recommendations you have to add some books in your favorites.
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Recommended books (beta):     You have to add to Favorites 10 - 20 books to get relevant recommendation
687685289Devon MonkInfinity Bell: A House Immortal Novel2015-03-03Fiction Other3/5/2015 12:39:20 AMNecrommonger
659797626Karen Marie MoningBurned: A Fever Novel2015-01-20Fantasy Novels1/23/2015 1:15:58 AMNecrommonger
636593350Kristen PainterCity of Eternal Night (Crescent City)2014-12-02Fantasy Novels12/5/2014 9:31:24 PMNecrommonger
607189798Suzanne BrockmannNight Sky2014-10-07Fantasy Novels10/11/2014 12:03:22 AMNecrommonger
606008591S.J. HarperReckoning: A Fallen Siren Novel2014-10-07Fantasy Novels10/9/2014 1:40:34 AMNecrommonger
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